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Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Universal Society for Applied Research (USAR), and Winona State University - USA are organizing a summer school for the undergraduate and graduate students in many topics of interest with cooperation with Winona State University - USA. The courses intend to up-to date the participants with the theoretical and practical parts of the attended programs. The courses that will be taught in the different programs are tailored to suit and match with the contents, aims and objectives of all the participants regardless if they belong to a university, industry, etc. The summer school is usually hosted by one of the leading universities in the world, and this year it will be hosted by

The Summer School is aimed at students and practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of Information and Communication Technology. At the end of the programs, students who have regularly attended all the courses will receive a certificate of attendance accredited by: Universal Society for Applied Research (USAR) in Czech Republic, and Winona State University, Winona, USA.


These courses highlight developments within the field of ICT, and provide attendees with the opportunity to take a step backwards and, through an overall view and a collective thought process, to grasp the main lines of the discipline and share the new progress and advances in ICT. The student can register in one or two courses from the following

Suggested courses:

I. Big Data

II. Internet of Things

III. Intelligent Robotics

IV. Mobile Application Development

V. Machine Learning

VI. New methods of software Quality Assurance  


In addition to the courses, seminars and directed studies that constitute the « core » of the summer School in Advances in Information and Communication Technology, the USAR organizes other activities for its attendees. The aim of these activities is both to help them to set up networks amongst themselves, among the hundred or so nationalities that are represented, to allow them to reap the full benefit and make enduring memories of their stay in Summer School Campus, while also enhancing to their knowledge through practical and concrete experiences to better to grasp the effects and scope of advances in Information and Communication Technology.

Programs Duration

Each course will be covered by 40 contact hours. They are distributed over 10 days.
The programs starts on July 2, 2017 and completed on July 12, 2017.

Programs Teaching Languages

The contact language for all courses will be English or French


The USAR is responsible for providing accommodation to attendees. However, there will be hostels that are available at the university campus for those who are intending to attend and participate at the summer school. University Hostel offers rooms to rent exclusively to attendees of the Summer school Courses, in order to allow for them to be housed together. An extra fees will be charged for accommodation.

Admission and Registration

The deadline for registrations at the full fee for the Summer School Courses on Advances in Information and Communication Technology (AICT’17) is June 2nd, 2017. The registration should be through email:

The summer School Courses are open to:

• Candidates who have completed at least 4 consecutive years of university studies, which must have included lectures on Information or Communication Technology.

• Candidates holding a 3-year university diploma on the start date of the upcoming Summer school Courses, preferably having already followed some courses in Information or communication Technology.

• Candidates from industry, private sector, Public sector.

 All candidates must master one of the two working languages (English or French).  

Registration fees:

• 1200 Euro for 10 days session for each course Payment must be made upon receipt (by e-mail) of a letter of pre-admission and an invoice.

You can pay online on USAR account or by international bank transfer to:

Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank

Bank Address: Jalta, Václavské nám, 819/43, 11000, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic.

Account Name: Universal Society for Applied Research

Account No.: 4067871001/5500

Swift Code: RZBCCZPP

IBAN: CZ3155000000004067871001

The registration will be confirmed via a letter of admission upon receipt of the payment by our bank. Registration fees are not refundable except in cases of serious medical emergency or other exceptional circumstances, to be assessed by and proven to the Organizer.

NB: Eligible full-fee applications are reviewed on a rolling and first-come, first-served basis from the moment the registration period starts (i.e. May 02, 2017). Candidates should note that due to the large number of applications received, the available places tend to fill up rather quickly. Applicants may therefore be put on a waiting list.  

Application guidelines 

Closing dates for applications: June 2, 2017.

 Incomplete registration forms will not be treated.

The e-mail address you provide us with in your registration form will be used for all USAR correspondence. Please make sure it works and consult your inbox regularly.

Apply by email. Do not send hard copies of the application or any other documents by regular mail; these will not be considered.

 The documents should be in PDF format, except for the identity photograph (.jpeg only).

If you experience problems completing the registration, please try changing your web browser.  


1. Please consult the USAR website

2. Before starting your online application, prepare the documents you will need to upload to the form:

• A copy of your valid passport or ID;

• An identity photograph;

• If you are a student: Copy of proof of enrollment at your university (official transcripts are accepted as well);

 • If you are a professional: Statement from your company or organization certifying that you are employed by them;

• A copy of your highest degree certificate or an official document from your university certifying that you are preparing to obtain a degree (official transcripts are accepted as well). If the original document isn't in English or French, please add a translation. You can translate the document into English or French yourself, as long as you add a sworn statement to it, certifying its accuracy and adding the date, place, your name and signature.

Full fee applicants will receive an answer within one week after applying.  

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