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What is Governance?

Establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the members (with the associated accountability), and their primary duty of enhancing the prosperity and viability of the organization. While Corporate Governance refers to the way a company or institution is directed and controlled.

What is Good Governance?

Nonetheless, within this concept of governance, the obvious second question is: What is good governance? The debate on the quality of governance has been clouded by a slew of slightly differing definitions and understanding of what is actually meant by the term. Typically, it is defined in terms of the mechanisms thought to be needed to promote it. For example, in various places, good governance has been associated with democracy and good civil rights, with transparency, with the rule of law, and with efficient public services.

Governance Model

As professional consultants, our role is to establish your Organization Model of Governance as the values-based governance framework. It is an integrated part of your corporate governance. Thus, our corporate governance framework takes into consideration codes and regulations your company or institution.

The main function of a governance operating model is to organize operational, financial, risk-management and reporting processes so that the board receives the information it needs to put good governance into practice and business units can conduct their work in compliance with regulations and strategic goals.  

Components of a Governance Operating Model

When properly implemented, a governance operating model defines the mechanisms and interaction points by which governance will be implemented across an enterprise. An effective model enables the board and the executive leadership—as appropriate to their roles and responsibilities—to organize these mechanisms and points of interaction across the organization’s business lines, legal entities and jurisdictions. Moreover, an enterprise-level model can be adapted to any functional or operating area to promote effective implementation of governance.

A governance operating model consists of four main components:

1. Structure, which includes organization design and reporting structure, committee structures and charters, and control and support function interdependencies.

2. Oversight responsibilities, which define board oversight responsibilities, committee and management responsibilities, accountability matrices, and management hiring and firing authority.

3. Talent and culture, which enable the behaviors and activities needed for effective governance by establishing compensation policies (particularly regarding incentives), promotion policies, business and operating principles, performance measurement and management, training, and leadership and talent development programs.

4. Infrastructure, which comprises governance and risk oversight policies and procedures, reports, measures and metrics, management capabilities, and the enabling IT and communications support.

Each of the four components of an effective governance operating model contains a series of role and responsibility issues to be addressed.

Governance Projects

Our company conducted strategic planning governance related projects is several countries and domains, we some of them:

1. Right to Play RTP, Jordan 2016 (Canadian NGO concentrating on learning by playing, RTP is operating in several countries)

Monitoring & Evaluation M & E Consultancy for projects conducted for government, UNRWA, Syrian refugees camps, and several CBOs.

2. Khalifa Award For Education Foundation, UAE 2016 ( UAE NGO to promote education, encourage outstanding educators and enhance innovative education practices )

Initiating the Strategic Plan including SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking, drafting Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities initiatives and Objectives.

3. Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services, UAE 2013 (Medical Facility/Clinic to serve Abu Dhabi Police  staff and families, about 100,000 beneficiary)

Consulting and implementing of Services Governance, Strategy and Re-structuring of Medical Claims Collection Methodology and System, the largest project of its kind in the country.

4. LEVENBERT UAE & KSA 2011 ( Consulting in Strategic Planning House)

The role is leading the team of the Strategic Planning project of Al Riyadh Regional Municipality, including SWOT & PESTLE situational analysis and Benchmarking study with 10 major cities worldwide, altogether to enhance transperancy and governance. We produced the first strategic Plan in history of Al Riyadh Regional Municipality.

5. Bureau Veritas BV Abu Dhabi 2008 (Technical consulting, Certification & Third Party Inspection worldwide)

Handled a project to review the Strategic Plan transperant implementation for Abu Dhabi Municipality (2,400 employee)



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